Course Modules

Contemporary Math Education

In this module, you will learn more about research on mathematics teaching and learning. You will also gain knowledge on effective pedagogy including the use of information technology, significance of designing equity in classrooms, the role of teachers in motivating students to learn, the impact of teachers’ beliefs on their teaching practices and the importance attached to developing students’ understanding

Art of Questioning

In this module you will learn the benefits of teacher questioning , research on teacher questioning , different types of questions and how to ask your students better questions. You will learn to use elicitation, assisting questions and high order thinking questions in your daily teaching. You will be asked to try out in the classroom some of the assignments and share your experience in the forum. You will also have an opportunity to evaluate others’ work in one of the assignments.

Problem Solving Level 1

In this module, you will learn why problem solving is gaining importance, the teaching methods of problem solving and how to teach students to solve simple, non text-book based, thought provoking problems. You are given sample exercises with solutions. Based on the examples given, you will be asked to frame your own questions. You will design a simple investigation from a real life situation for your students and evaluate two other participants’ investigations.

Problem Solving Level 2

In this section, we will do more challenging problems, designed mainly for secondary school students ( year 7 to 9). You will be asked to introduce mathematicians, puzzles, real life problems, logical problems and investigations. The tasks and assignments will help you to understand and apply what you have learnt in this module. Do not forget to share your tasks with other participants in the forum. Enjoy learning! You are almost close to finishing the course!

Creative Math

This is the last module to be completed to finish the course. In this module, you will be guided to develop creative thinking of students so that they can solve problems more creatively. To nurture creative thinking of students, teachers need to introduce activities fostering creative thinking. In this module, you will learn and share some creative ways of teaching mathematics as well.

Certificates will be sent to the participants’ registered emails on completing the course and submitting the required assignments
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