Online Learning

Participants can learn from their convenient place and at their convenient time as teaching materials are posted online. Learners work through them in their own free time, communicating with each other and the instructors via forums.

We visit the forums and give our valuable feedback to the participants, which the participants will not be able to get during the normal, face to face training sessions. Participants are allowed to comment on others’ work and thus encouraged to contribute in collaborative learning.

Collaborative learning takes place more effectively in forum than in face to face training sessions. Most importantly, because of the lack of time constraints, participating teachers can spend as much time as they desire to complete the given tasks and while contributing to online discussion.

In face to face training session, the participants get lesser chance to respond as they get not more than one or two questions to respond. On the other hand, our online course allows all participants to respond to all questions.

While asking questions individually, the participant may not be able to give the best response within the given time for the particular question asked. To respond to questions online, the participants get enough time to think of multiple responses and to choose the best one.

Participants may give response with less hesitation without the fear of losing face. Participants also receive feedback from multiple persons for their submitted work which can enhance their understanding. In face – face workshops, not all participants will be actively involved in the workshop. The active participation of all teachers is expected and encouraged in our online course as all participants need to submit their tasks and review others work by giving their feedback.

With the help of technology we have maximized the participants’ learning environment to suit to their best needs, giving the learners flexibility in terms of when and where they can access the learning materials. We will check at regular intervals to give support to the participants’ learning of the course materials and to evaluate their progress by reading their submissions and giving feedback in the forum.