Frequently Asked Questions on EMCC

1. Is the course suitable for CBSE or state board or international math curriculum?

The course is mainly about how to teach math to enhance students’ thinking and it is not about the topics or curriculum. Hence it is suitable for all examination boards.

2. Is this course for primary or secondary school teachers?

As the current course is mainly about how to teach math, it is appropriate for both primary and secondary. We have given resources for both levels and hence it is suitable for both primary and secondary school teachers. Teachers need to read the posted research materials on how to teach math in the 21st century and good questioning skills. They can go through the given examples and need to design questions to suit the needs of their own class and try out in their classrooms. Then they share their questions and experiences in the forum. We are not giving any fish but help the participants to catch fish by themselves.

3. I have a very busy schedule. How long will it take to finish the course?

Though it is a 12- 15 hours course, we give 3 months time to finish the course, understanding the workload of teachers. You can certainly finish the course.

4. What are the requirements to get a certificate?

Our aim is to empower all participants to provide experiential learning to their students and to enhance their thinking. After payment, participants will be given a link to join the course. After going through the content materials and examples, participants will be asked to complete certain tasks, carry them out in their classrooms and submit their tasks and experience in the forum.

Participants are encouraged to discuss in the forum with other participants, share experience and even evaluate others’ works. After completing the compulsory tasks and writing a reflection on your experience, you will be awarded an e-certificate on Experiential Math Content Creator for completing the course successfully.

5. Can I get support after finishing the course?

Certainly. Even after completing the course, you can access the forum where you can share your experience. You can write to us privately or write your queries in the forum so that any one can respond to your questions.

6. What is the minimum time needed to finish the course to get the certificate?

It is a self -paced course. You can take your time to read the material, go through the examples and do the tasks. You may need around 10 hours to read the material and complete the tasks and at least 2 hours for forum discussion . You may require some time (around 3 hours) to design activities for your students, carry them in the classroom and to share your experience.

7. I want to become a math teacher and I am interested in the course. Can I join the course?

Sure. The course is designed for math teachers, teacher trainees and aspiring math teachers. The aim of the course is to help those who are teaching math and interested in teaching math.

8. Can I use the material in the course for my teaching?

Yes. You are allowed to use them in your school classroom but not in private business centres such as tutorial centres.

9. I am working in a teacher training college. I want my students to participate in the course. Can they join? Will my students get any discount?

This is for math teachers of any curriculum or level and for aspiring teachers. If students join individually, they do not get any discount. However, if your college wants all your students (50 or above), they will get a discount. Please contact us through email or fill in the form provided for institutes.

10. The course is a short one. Can I get the expertise after attending the course?

During the course, we are helping you to think by yourselves to design activities for your students. We make it mandatory to practise in your classroom the expertise that you learn during the course which will empower you in the long run. You can access the forum and get feedback for your questions from us and the peers even after completing the course.